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With its 12-foot ceilings, Italian terazzo tile floors, exposed 153-year-old brickwork, oak beams, and cast iron fixtures, Blue Gallery is a peaceful, history-soaked space in the midst of bustling Midtown, that evokes New York City at the end of the Civil War and the beginning of the Industrial Age.

Once the home of a midtown Manhattan stable and working dairy, which produced and delivered its own products throughout New York City, the space is now an art gallery unlike any in the City. It is also available for unique pop-up retail opportunities, and is a memorable multipurpose venue.

The Art Gallery itself is 1500 square feet. Up to 6800 total square feet of timeless 19th-century pre-industrial space with 22' ceilings, and multiple seating areas is also available for use as a film location, performances and for larger events of many kinds.

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